10 Ways to Clean Like Monica Geller

How to get things not just clean but Monica Clean:

  1. Firstly, don’t let anyone get in your way….Friends
  2. Or use big life events as a chance to skip cleaning…..


    Sure, it’s your wedding day but you can’t start marital bliss with dirty dishes around the place!

  3. Don’t let the little things go unnoticed…..

    Who's little ball

    Okay, maybe you’ll lose a few friends but did you really want slobs as mates?

  4. If you let people help you, make sure they know who’s in charge….Tell u whjat to do
  5. Remember, pros know that cleaning equipment also needs cleaning itself.Vac 2
  6. Manage your social life carefully. Sure, it would be fun to go out with friends but those skirting boards aren’t going to clean themselves.

    clean aparetment

  7. Make sure you always check that others clean to Monica Clean standardscheckjing on cleaner

8. Don’t let anyone slack off when it comes to their duties – not even at parties….pens

9. NEVER give away your secret ingredient to anyone. Not even your own mother.
sectret ingrediemnt10. And remember, sleep is overrated – think how much cleaning you can do whilst others are dozing!


Or you can keep sane and give us a call…..


10 Signs It’s Time to Get a Cleaner

Sometimes, it’s best to just accept who you are (a slob), admit defeat and get a cleaner. Here are some classic warning signs it’s time to get some hired help:

1. When people see the cesspit you live in, you try to distract them with fancy words.

Cleaning 1

2. You watch Hoarders, rather than tidying, in order to make yourself feel better about the mess around you.

cleaning 2

3. You may as well be living in a bedsit as absolutely everything is in your bedroom; dirty dishes, laundry, towels – even the TV has been dragged in there. Come to think of it, have you left your bed recently? 

4. You consider Spring Cleaning but it is Summer now – it will have to wait until next year, you tell yourself. 

5. “Your place or mine?” Theirs! Always theirs. They can’t see what a pig you are. A beautiful pig, but a pig none the less. 


Look familiar?

6. All of your three wishes would involve having Monica Geller as a friend. 

7. Your idea of cleaning is hiding everything under the bed, in the washing machine or even the oven, and spraying so much Febreeze that next door start coughing.

cleaning 3

6. The only time you contemplate getting the dustpan and brush out is when the wifi is down. And even then, you use up all your data on your phone first before any cleaning gets done. 

7. You consider having a baby solely so you can get it one of these suits and have a shot at having a clean floor.

Turns out there are positives to having a baby

Turns out there are positives to having a baby

8. First you chuckled as this meme, then you bought some cards and actually did it. 

cleaning 0

9. You see your messy room as an obstacle course that keeps your fit and saves you 20 quid a month on the gym. 

10. Your version of washing up involves; filling the sink, leaving the pots and pans to soak for ten minutes and returning to the kitchen days later to find you still haven’t done them. 

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Downtown in Business: Liverpool is now in the Top 10 cities with the highest growth in jobs.

Interview with Downtown in Business. Originally published here

Merseyside’s economy has seen a significant boost in recent years and Liverpool is now in the Top 10 cities with the highest growth in jobs.

According to a recent think-tank report, the city was ranked number five in the UK, ahead of Nottingham and Leeds, and only just behind Manchester, which came fourth. Between 2010 and 2012, almost 13,000 private sector jobs were created across Liverpool.

One local company reaping the benefits of this is Downtown’s JCS Cleaning (NW) Ltd. The Liverpool based commercial cleaning company, who work with the likes of the NHS, Living Ventures and San Carlo, saw 2014 prove to be one of their most successful years yet; all thanks to the rejuvenation and development happening across the city.

“It’s non-stop – every day you can spot a new building site, or a venue getting a revamp,” said Zoe, the company’s Business Development Manager. “Obviously this is fantastic for us, as we’re able to go out and get the post construction Builders’ Cleans after the work is completed. These last few months alone we’ve worked with Morgan Lovell (on behalf of The Amey Group), Beech Construction (On behalf of Greystar) and Gleeson Homes.”

The North West Cleaners are now officially in the top 4% of all UK cleaning companies which is quite a turnaround from the darkest days of the recession where development across the country came to a halt.

“I only come into the company just over a year ago and I’ve been lucky to start work as everything seems to be getting back on track,” Zoe reveals. “We’ve got so many big hospitality venues on our books; Panoramic 34, Gusto, The Bierkeller, Hannah’s Bar, San Carlo – there are just too many to list. Bars and clubs are spending thousands on their interiors and have realised that they need to hire specialists in order to maintain their investments – that’s where we step in!”

“We’re also expanding alongside our clients – take Fazenda, for example; we started working with them from day one, with a builders’ clean on their Liverpool site, and now we’ve gone with them on their new Manchester site too. This has happened with a few of our clients – it seems to be a logical trend for restaurants to expand over to Manchester, and vice versa, and that’s what we’re doing too – we’re moving with the potential clients. The North West is a great place to be at the moment – both professionally and socially.”

By the sounds of things, 2015 looks set to be another successful year for JCS Cleaning (NW) Ltd.

Juice FM Baz’s Workmates: JCS Cleaning (NW) Ltd

juiceLast month we were thrilled to be Baz’s Workmates on Juice FM. Over the course of the week our cleaning staff (Tina the cleaner and co), and myself, were on the radio every week day nattering away about all things cleaning and office gossip (whilst squirming at the sound of our own voices). We chatted with Baz about all the strange things that can be found while cleaning up the clubs and bars of Liverpool; knickers, prosthetic legs, make up and even positive pregnancy tests! We even managed to get some cringey cleaning related songs on the radio; Xtina’s ‘Dirrtty’, Outkast’s ‘So Fresh, So Clean’, Eminem’s ‘Cleanin’ Out my Closet’ and, of course, Cylsound’s ‘Get Drill & Work’.


Liverpool Echo’s Small Business of the Week: JCS Cleaning (NW) Ltd

We’re very proud to reveal that we are this week’s Small Business of the Week in today’s Liverpool Echo. Grab a copy or read here.

No ‘Mrs Mop’ in the modern cleaning industry

Liverpool EchoYoung James Morris quit a degree course at Leeds University to realise his dream of setting up his own business.

The entrepreneur from Waterloo was half way through his studies in bio medical science when he decided that that was not the life for him.

Instead, he set his sights on creating his own commercial cleaning business, inspired by members of his family who had already built up a wealth of experience in the sector. Continue reading

Do you need an End of Tenancy or Builders Clean?

We'll clean up the mess students leave behind

We’ll clean up the mess students leave behind

The academic year is almost over and it’s the end of lectures, dissertations and binge drinking dubious looking £1 shots. Yep, university is coming to end for the summer and that means plenty of students vacating their term houses and, if we’re going to lazily stereotype, leaving them in a bit of tip. Just look at some of these images in this article. Our cleaners at JCS have a wealth of experience in the commercial cleaning industry and our services could be beneficial to letting agents and landlords looking to get their properties sparkling clean for new tenants and viewings.

We have a wealth of experience in the Construction industry and many housing groups and letting agents already rely on our services. We’ve carried out builders cleans on various and varied premises (including a huge amount in Continue reading

Client Profile: The Bierkeller Liverpool

The BavariaImagen Bierkeller. The best German beers in Steins, all served ice cold to your table by waitresses in classic Bavarian dress. It doesn’t get much better than this.

Long bench seating, great decor and live entertainment form Oompah bands at the weekends make the Bavarian Bierkeller the party destination. Whether it’s an office party, birthday or Christmas celebration, the Bierkeller can cater for any need.

Monday’s are officially the toughest day of the week – the weekend’s well and truly over and it seems like an eternity until it’s back again. However, The Bierkeller’s Mega Monday’s is on to make it a bit easier to ease back into the week with a whopping 50% off food and 2-4-1 steins all day. Continue reading

Client Profile: Fazenda Rodizio Bar & Grill

Since opening back in Autumn 2013, Fazenda has quickly established itself as one of Liverpool’s finest restaurants. Situated in Exchange Flags (just off Castle Street) the Rodizio Bar & Grill offers customers a true Brazilian gaucho dining experience, without having to leave Merseyside.


Before even entering the restaurant, you are immediately impressed with the beautiful exterior of the restaurant. The outside patio area will be perfect for al fresco dining in the upcoming summer months (Lets all just pretend England gets a good enough summer to dine outside!)

Fazenda pride themselves on serving only the finest meats cooked by experienced chefs. At lunch you can enjoy from 7 cuts of meat and come evening you can experience and enjoy the full 15 cuts on offer. The Rodizio system is pretty simple and helped along with attentive and helpful staff – you are given a token which is green on one side, red on the other. The Passadors will come to your table with the meats on offer and if you’re on green, that means you’re all set for some more meat. Flipped to red indicates you’re having a breather – straight forward. Continue reading

Client Profile: Gusto Liverpool, Albert Dock

We’re lucky enough to have some stunning venues as our clients and working with Living Ventures means one of the said venues is the gorgeous, Gusto Liverpool.

Situated on at the gateway to The Albert Dock, it’s worth a trip to Gusto just for the location alone; overlooking the Tate Gallery and surrounded by some of the countries most stunning heritage sites, Gusto really stands out as one of the most picturesque venues in Liverpool.

From the second you walk through the doors you instantly recognise that the restaurant is inspired by a classic Italian ristorante but with a modern, stylish twist. With a delicious menu and exceptional service, you’re guaranteed an amazing experience when you decide to dine at Gusto. Continue reading